Treasure Full of Tastes and Benefits

Golden chocolate bars are a real magical treasure. It’s so great to find golden chocolate bars and kindly share them with friends. Just open the wrapper – and golden bars will fall into your hands. There are enough for everyone: kids, parents and friends.

Golden chocolate bars are a treasure full of tastes and benefits. They contain milk, vitamins, nuts, wafers and cookies.

The taste of goodness is milk chocolate with nuts and flakes, this traditional snack contains cookies and milk, cr?me brulee and is an unforgettable taste of childhood.

Delicate milk chocolate, nuts, flakes, wafers and condensed milk – all they make our Golden chocolate bars so delicious. Calcium and tender milk make our chocolate healthy. Also, we added flakes, wafers and cookies to create a fun crispy crunch experience!

A lot of small bars wrapped in golden foil in one wrapper – everyone will be satisfied with this treasure, and it is very convenient to share with the others.

Golden Chocolate Bars are a convenient refreshment throughout the day – before school, at breaks and after lessons. You can also save a couple of bars for a loved playmate or a little sister. Where else can you find such chocolate? Only at Volshebnitsa Confectionery!

Adults like golden chocolate bars so much – because they are so loved by kids!



Молочный шоколад с орехами и хлопьями поможет пиратам хорошо поlкрепится перед дальними путешествиями Озорное хрустящее наслаждение, потому что пираты любят шалить! Нежное молочное удовольствие.
How can you give a small child both benefit and pleasure? With the Golden chocolate bars... Chocolate that crunches so tastily. Tender cr?me brulee and crispy wafers – milk chocolate has never... This is the dream of every child – to mix condensed milk and their favorite chocolate....