Chocolate Traditions

Chocolate Traditions

Do you love to gift yourself? Well Volshebnitsa has created a special product for you: Chocolate Assortment. In this new collection you will be pleasantly surprised by a selection of classical and fresh ideas. Chocolate Assortment is an innovative approach to continuity.

Golden Nut is a classic chocolate and sweets with delicate praline: a guest who is always welcome at the family table and a favourite treat. And now Golden Nut contains whole nuts and comes in flow-packs!

Chocolate Truffles with delicate nuances of alcoholic flavours are prefect for creating an excellent mood.

Golden Medal Chocolate: dark or milk chocolate with hazelnuts or raisins anyone can enjoy without exceptions and in any quantity. Dare to award yourself with Golden Medal Chocolate for no reason, just because you exist and you can eat it! Especially as its surprisingly wholesome ingredients are preserved by flow-packs.

Such a marvelous dessert – Tender Prunes and Dried Apricots with Almonds in Chocolate, where magical chocolate is combined with sun-dried apricots and prunes filled with vitamins.

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Seasoned cognac possesses a unique flavor. Real champagne that has embodied refinement and the essence of... A box of Golden Collection Allsorts Sweets from Volshebnitsa Factory can make an ordinary night unforgettable....