Chocolate is Real Admiration.

The Admiration Chocolate Series incorporates time-proven tastes – milk chocolate with hazelnuts, dark chocolate with almonds, milk chocolate with hazelnuts and raisins, and for the fans of new and unusual things – chocolate with Brazil nuts and chocolate with macadamia – the most expensive nut in the world! Connoisseurs and gourmets will enjoy the aristocratic chocolate truffles. Uncompromising admirers of pure cocoa will prefer our sugar-free chocolate – 75%, 99% and 100% Admiration created according to the unique recipes of our specialists.

You have probably already guessed that the tenderness has its own taste. The Tenderness chocolate range includes classic milk chocolate and brand new tastes: milk chocolate with apricots in light cream and milk chocolate with soft raisins.

Sticks individually wrapped in foil inside each Admiration chocolate package will give you maximum pleasure. Each piece guarantees the tasting convenience and enables saving the chocolate taste for a long time.

Traditional Admiration French truffles represent the refined simplicity and noble taste.

If you combine the unique tastes of expensive nuts and exotic fruit with our finest chocolate you will get the tempting Admiration sweets. Each one is a real pleasure!

We have selected the best types of cocoa bean for you and discovered the most refined combinations – please admire, enjoy and fall in love!


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Ecuador and C?te d`Ivoire provide us with the most elite types of cocoa bean. As a... Genuine craftsmanship is constant creative research. One of the best developments of the confectioners from Volshebnitsa...