With Alcohol

Mature cognac possesses a unique flavor. Real champagne that has embodied refinement and the essence of a festival. Amaretto is the embodiment of Italian passion. Liqueur captivates with its languishing mystery. How can everything that gratifies us be combined? All those flavors are perfectly complemented withthemelting texture of our classic chocolate. You can experience this by tasted chocolate, sweets and truffles from Volshebnitsa Factory’s alcoholic series. We produce magnificent chocolate with alcohol in order to make Dolce Vita become reality for you.

The velvet taste of matured cognac is emphasized by noble dark chocolate. The sweetness of the liqueur is balanced with the bitterness of genuine cocoa. It’s real harmony – Dolce Vita is impossible without it.

The base of the original dessert series from Volshebnitsa Factory is unique combinations of champagne and pineapples, cognac and cherries as well as apricots and liqueur. This orgy of tastes balanced with classic dark chocolate will conclude any meal with dignity.

Golden Nectar:sweets made from dark chocolate with amaretto and cream liqueur. In its gift packaging, Golden Nectar is always invited to large and small celebrations.


Range Category With Alcohol

Конфеты с дробленным арахисом - новейшая разработка  наших технологов. Исключительное сочетание нежной текстуры всем известной конфеты... Новейшая
разработка наших технологов - конфеты с вафельной крошкой
«Волшебница». Два изумительных вкуса никого не оставят...
Молочный шоколад  высокого качества с  добавлением вафельной  крошки разработан специально для детской аудитории. Эксклюзивный дизайн упаковки...
Любимые, классические конфеты с вафельной крошкой преобразились – «Волшебные купола» в красивой золотой коробке 200г. Удивительная... Конфеты трюфель в весовом формате - это демократичный подход к любимому нежному трюфелю. Конфета трюфель знакома... Новый формат всеми любимых конфет Трюфель!
Truffle Allsorts sweets will give you the pleasure of unique tastes of truffle fillings in classical...
Allsorts Sweets are a unique product; they are always welcomed and they never fail to gratify.... Volshebnitsa has an amazing, legendary dessert – gentle prunes and dried apricots with almonds in chocolate.... Шоколадные конфеты Нежность
с вкуснейшими кремовыми начинками с добавлением натурального сока
клубники, малины и вишни, наши...
“There’s a little squirrel dwelling in a fir tree; all day long, cracking nuts, it sings... Volshebnitsa Confectionery is your faithful assistant in the difficult task of selecting presents. The colorful chocolate... Chocolate from Volshebnitsa Factory in packaging that looks like a postcard is asweet festive greeting. Kind...