Private Label

Private Label

Do you need an individual product – chocolate or sweets developed and produced only for you and in exact accordance with your requirements and desires?

Would you like to get an ideal product for your trademark?

Are you searching for a new product in order to offer it to the customers in your region?

Manufacturing products under private trademarks is an optimal way for implementing a set of goals. Cooperation with Volshebnitsa Confectionery will be a source of inspiration and successful ideas for you and a guarantee of achieving results in the most exact and effective way.

Advantages of using a private label:

  • Individual products with unique design under your trademark and at your price
  • Specially developed recipes
  • Competitive products that are perfectly suitable for successful sales through selected distribution channels
  • Brand new products for Russia that are the embodiment of your ideas
  • Exclusive presents for clients, partners and employees

Cooperation with Volshebnitsa confectionery includes:

  • Development and manufacture of products by individual recipes in the following categories: sweets (praline, cream filling, two-color filling, two-color case), chocolate (bitter, dark, milk, white, aerated, with or without additives, with or without fillings, in sticks and in bars)
  • Manufacturing chocolate with that weighs from 25 to 600 grams, with nonstandard weight, in standard or original packaging
  • Manufacturing chocolate sweets in standard and exclusive boxes
  • Design of your products in accordance with your requirements
  • Individually calculated prices which are optimal for your goals
  • Optimal distribution: from several items up to tens of thousands
  • Consultation and support from technical specialists, technologists, and marketing and sales department specialists.